Plan Productions, Collaboratively.

A successful production relies heavily on a connected team. With Proreel you can schedule a shoot directly on your phone and collaborate with your entire team in one easy to use workspace.

"A big part of my photo shoot process is getting the whole team involved early. Proreel simplifies this and has eliminated all team confusion."
Katharine Santos

Seamlessly Communicate & Move Projects Forward.

Proreel allows you to chat and share documents with your entire team in one organized location instead of through a disconnected workflow of CC'ed emails, PDFs, and phone calls.

"We use the Proreel chat to keep our team updated and informed. It also helps us keep everyone excited."
David James

Share Info With All The Right People.

Proreel is a central place to organize your team. See who you will be working with and what they are responsible for. Keep all of your work in one safe and private space.

"I used to get really nervous walking onto set and not knowing anyone. Now I get to see who I will be working with before I even get there."
Steph Simmons
Simplify your production

Built For Every Team

No matter your job title or department, Proreel can help your team work together and get more done.


Illustrating your vision is hard but a successful production relies heavily on a unified team. Get your team connected and organized on Proreel.

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Share your mood boards and collaborate with your team in Proreel instead of through a disconnected workflow of CC'ed emails and links.

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Casting Directors

Productions are always changing. With Proreel you can notify your entire team in one place at one time of any updates or schedule changes.

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Staying on top of your schedule is a job in itself. Let Proreel manage your schedule so you can focus on the scene at hand.

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Always be informed. See who you'll be working with, where you'll be working, and what you'll be shooting all inside of Proreel.

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Hair & Make Up

Successful photoshoots are a collaborative process. See who you will be working with and collaborate with your team in one place.

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One Unified System

Proreel Features

A complete suite of features geared toward production professionals.


See your upcoming shooting schedule and get invited to join other shoots. Your calendar, unified.


Communicate with your entire team in Proreel instead of CC'ing emails when something changes.


Link your shoot documents in one place so that everyone has the most up to date version.

Instant Notifications

Proreel sends out push notifications instantly when there is a change. Never be unsure of the schedule.

Great Support

Always here for anything you may need. Our features are driven by our support team.

Free - Forever

Our promise to you. We scale with you rather than being another burden on your production.

Hover me!
“Proreel has eliminated a ton of work for me. Now I KNOW everyone has the most recent call sheet instead of worrying if they got the email.”
Sarah North
2nd AD
“Sharing my mood boards with the entire team has saved us a ton of time with set ups and wardrobe changes."
Adrien Jones
"Seeing the photoshoot plan has been a huge help and I love being able to chat with everyone."
Brianna Black
"Getting an overview of the shoot has been a huge help and seeing who I'll be working on has been a game changer."
Steven Bruce
Make Up Artist
"Now I can quickly knock out a shoot instead of spending the day managing my team."
Nate Reid
"As a producer I have a ton to manage and Proreel has simplified my process tremendously."
Brian Tremble

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