A Whole New World

Picture this: The call time changed (again). You didn’t have to resend a PDF in an email chain. Your entire team got the most recent update of the day’s schedule immediately and you don’t have to worry about ‘Steve’ showing up to the wrong place at the wrong like he did last week. Sounds pretty cool, right?

It’s a common challenge every filmmaker faces. While it may seem simple, the time it takes to create a call sheet, send it out, make changes, and send it out again can be a total time-sucking task. And on top of that you aren’t 100% sure the entirety of the team got the PDF because it was so quickly buried in the email chain from people “confirming” they got it.

Document challenges account for 21.3% of productivity losses and with filmmaking that can really add up. After all, time spent is profits lost.

What seemed so simple — creating a call sheet and sending it out — is suddenly halting the creative process and your booming production. Soon enough, you’re chasing down crew members instead of doing what you do best — filmmaking. It’s slow, it’s tedious, and it’s not a great experience for you or your fellow crew.

Enter Proreel, a cloud based platform that allows filmmakers to link live documents. With Proreel you can link your cloud based document and the entire crew will have access to it in one shared workspace. This intuitive feature makes it easy to keep your crew updated and informed instantly, saving precious hours and delivering a better experience for your team in the process.

Simple document sharing step by step

So how can you do this for your production? Follow this simple step by step formula to make sure your team is always informed:

Step 1) Create a Workspace in Proreel

In Proreel, create a new workspace by tapping on the '+' button in the top right corner. Then fill out all pertinent information your cast and crew should know.

Step 2) Add a link to your document

Copy the link from your cloud based document such as Google Docs and paste it into the 'Notes' section of your Proreel workspace.

Step 3) Invite your team

Invite everyone that needs the call sheet to your Proreel workspace so they always have the most recent copy.

Step 4) Quick Updates

So what if you are somewhere you are not able to edit your Google Doc? Easy, make a quick change to the workspace letting everyone know about the new call time or the new location. They will be sent a push notification immediately.

Toodle-loo PDF email chains!

Integrating Proreel is a simple way to streamline your productions and create an all around better experience for your talent and crew. With Proreel you will be saving time allowing you to get back to doing what you do best -- Filmmaking.

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